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Manage and perform operations on computers over a network
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Remote Computer Manage certainly has a descriptive name considering that its main purpose is to help you manage computers over a network. When using this tool, you need to face the evident complexities of administering a network, which are related to not only using this tool as such but also dealing with other issues that may arise. Therefore, it is not intended to be used by the common user.

The program allows managing up to 10,000 computers. In this respect, there are various ways to add hosts to your database. For instance, you can add computers one at a time, or in batches based on such criteria as IP range, host name and local network. Fortunately, as new computers are found, the program can automatically identify the corresponding information, including domain, MAC and IP address. Besides, it is good that the program lets you create groups to manage various computers simultaneously with minimum effort.

Various operations can be carried out on groups or individual computers remotely, including waking up, shutting down, checking status, rebooting, locking a station or unlocking input devices. Likewise, you can send messages to various computers, launch a given program, take screenshots, access their registry and view running processes. What is more, you can even connect to a remote desktop when there is an open session and monitor what the user is doing at the moment. Similarly, you can explore the contents of the remote computer’s disks and install MSI packages.

The tool also allows automating recurrent tasks by scheduling them to start at a given frequency or event. More than just that, the tasks can be performed on all the host, groups of them or just a separate computer.

To conclude, Remote Computer Manager is an excellent solution in the hands of network administrators. The product is available in two versions: one is completely free and can be used without time limits provided you register it. The paid version offers some additional features and is sold under the name of Enterprise.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a large number of computers
  • Allows grouping computers
  • Supports scheduling tasks
  • Opens remote sessions
  • Performs a long list of remote operations


  • Not intended for the common user
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